HEP Group's Sustainability Report for 2015 published

HEP Group's Sustainability Report for 2015 published

HEP published its Sustainability Report for 2015. This report is a continuation of the project which resulted in publishing HEP’s first Sustainability Report covering both 2013 and 2014.

For more than ten years HEP has included certain non-financial factors in its annual reports. Yet, HEP Group’s Sustainability Reports are a result of additional effort to thoroughly describe HEP’s full-scale effect on economy, society and the environment. They are also intended to explain to the readers the way in which HEP manages this effect. Just like the previous one, this Report was made according to G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. As opposed to the previous report, which covered 99 indicators, this one was extended to cover 105 indicators (13 indicators for the field of energy).

The continuity achieved in publishing the sustainability report is the basis for the application of the EU Directive on non-financial reporting, i.e. the Act on amendments to Accounting Act, which is being prepared.

Download Sustainability Report 2015 here.