Integrated solar power plants

Integrated solar power plants in incentive system

HEP built nine solar power plants on roofs of its office buildings in 2014. The power plants are located on the office buildings at HEP's headquarters in Zagreb and on the buildings of HEP Operator distribucijskog sustava in Čakovec, Šibenik (SS Bilice), Split, Opatija, Zadar, Dubrovnik and on two locations in Osijek.

Individual power of each power plant is up to 30 kW. The total power of power plants is 207 kW, and average annual generation amounts to 240,000 kWh.

Solar power plants have the status of eligible electricity producer, which allows the sale of generated electricity to the Croatian Energy Market Operator at a preferential price. 


Integrated solar power plants without incentives

During 2018 HEP Proizvodnja put into operation four integrated solar power plants (SPP): 
• SPP Ogulin (10.8 kW) on the office building of HPP Gojak in Ogulin
• SPP Bisko (20.52 kW) on the building of Generation Center in Bisko,
• SPP Split (17.28 kW) on the office building of HEP Proizvodnja in Split,  
• SPP Dubrovnik (10.80 kW) on the office building of HEP Proizvodnja in Dubrovnik.  

Estimated electricity generation from these four SPPs totals at 68,400 kWh annually, whereby most of generated electricity is to be used on the facilities themselves, and the remaining electricity shall be delivered into distribution network.

Solar power plants were built as buyers with own generation. That model enables significant cost reduction for own consumption of electricity by HEP's hydropower plants and thermal power plants.

At the end of 2018 and in the second half of 2019, 23 solar power plants  with the total capacity of 665 kW were installed on HEP ODS buildings, for the purpose of covering own electricity consumption.