Shareholders’ Assembly, Supervisory Board and Audit Committee

Shareholders’ Assembly, Supervisory Board and Audit Committee

General Shareholders’ Assembly

Zdravko Marić, Ph.D., member of the General Shareholders’ Assembly


Supervisory Board

Nikola Bruketa - chairman of the Supervisory Board
Graduate electrical engineer, born in 1943. He was first employed in the Electrical Engineering Institute Rade Končar (1967 – 1973) as a staff associate, and after that as the head of the department for the development of high voltage switchyards. He continued his career in Hrvatska elektroprivreda (until 2007), where he was the director of Development Department in two terms of office.
 He was the coordinator for investment financing of development and construction of power plants and facilities, coordinator for making strategic studies, the head of the commission for restructuring, the commissionaire for transmission business at HEP’s founding and the editor-in-chief of the scientific-technical journal Energija.
In the period between 2007 and 2012 he worked in Ekonerg, Energy and Environmental Protection Institute as the leader of the study about renewable energy sources (geothermal energy) and the leader and/or co-author of the study about the function of the Croatian energy sector and complying with the EU regulations, such as introducing block tariffs for natural gas supply, the Program for the implementation of Energy Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia

Dubravka Kolundžić, M.Sc. - member of the Supervisory Board, representative of the workers
She is the Master of Science in the area of technical sciences, in the field of engineering, course electrical engineering, and was born in 1960. Since the beginning of her career in 1983, she has been working in Hrvatska elektroprivreda. In the first ten years she was an engineer in the section for technology and development in the Production Department of Elektroslavonija, Osijek. In the period between 1993 and 2007 she was an independent engineer in the Section for the development of thermo-energetic and nuclear plants of the Development Department of Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d. in Zagreb. After that she worked as the coordinator in the Department of strategy, investment planning and corporative development, on determining possible locations for gas power plants, monitoring physical planning documentation and constructing production facilities as well as drawing up project tasks and contracts for planning and preparing hydro power plant construction. Now she works in the Capital Investments Department of HEP d.d.

Juraj Bukša, Ph.D. - member of the Supervisory Board
He holds a PhD in transportation sciences, and was born in 1975. He worked in Lošinjska plovidba – Brodarstvo  Rijeka from 2003 to 2013 as the Deputy Head of the Commercial Line, the Head of the Human Resources and the Director of Human Resources and General Affairs. In that period he was also the Director of the Short Sea Shipping Promotion Center and a member of the personnel commission of the Croatian Association of Employers – ship operators in the international maritime navigation.
Since 2013 he has been a teacher of the nautical group of subjects in the Maritime School in Bakar.

Igor Džajić - member of the Supervisory Board
He was born in 1972. He holds the title of a Master of Economics (majoring in business). In the period between 1997 and 2007 he worked in the following companies: Match factory Drava, Osijek (head of sales for one part of the production portfolio); Karlovac brewery; AWT Zagreb (regional sales director); Jadranska brewery Split (sales director based in Zagreb); Daruvar brewery (deputy of the president of the management board) and Heineken Croatia, in which he worked as a trade marketing management and export director.
In 2007 he was employed in the company TDR Rovinj, where he worked as regional sales manager until 2010, from where he moved to the position of the director of the company Adista  and was dealing with managing the company, managing the distribution of TDR’s products in Croatia and managing company’s budget.

Žarko Primorac, Ph.D. - member of the Supervisory Board
He holds a PhD in economic sciences and is a Certified Auditor. He was born in 1937. In the period between 1964 and 1992 he was the director of the company Poljoproizvod from Čitluk, Bosnia and Herzegovina; he was an assistant general director in the company Aluminijski kombinat from Mostar and the head of finances and a senior advisor of the general director of the Department of colored metals in the company, vice president and deputy president of the Executive Board of the company Energoinvest from Sarajevo.
From 1993 to 1997 he is the director of Inženjerski biro – revizija from Zagreb, and after that position he moved to PricewaterhouseCoopers, Zagreb, where he was a special advisor, a member of the Management Board, director and Senior Advisor. He was a special advisor in Erste Bank, Zagreb (2001 – 2003) and since 2003 he has been an honorary Regional Chairman in Deloitte, Zagreb.
Along with his professional career, he carried out several public and state functions. In the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina he was the president of the Chamber of Commerce (1981 – 1984) and in 1992 the Minister of Finances. In the Republic of Croatia he was a member of the Economic Council of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, the President of the Council of Croatian Development Forum, a member of the Council of the Croatian Employment and Development Fund, an external member of the Budget and Finance Committee of the Croatian Parliament, a Member of the Supervisory Board of Hrvatska Poštanska Banka, a Member of the Steering Committee of the Croatian Economists’ Association.
He is a member of the International Relations Council of the President of the Republic of Croatia, a member of the Presidency of the Croatian Economists’ Association and a Member of the Supervisory Board of the Institute “Ruđer Bošković Inovacije”.

Ivo Uglešić, Ph.D. - member of the Supervisory Board
He was born in 1952. He holds a PhD and since 2002 has been a tenured professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), University of Zagreb. Previously, in the period between 1989 and 1997 he was an assistant professor and after that an associate professor.
He professionally improved at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) and Technical University of Graz (Austria). Since 2007 he has been the leader of the scientific project „Compliance with environmental requirements in high voltage system“, which was financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. He is the Head of High Voltage Laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Zagreb, a member of Executive Board of the Croatian branch of CIGRÉ (International Council on Large Electric Systems), a Croatian representative in CIGRÉ Study Committee C4 System Technical Performance and was nominated for distinguished member in 2012, a member of technical committee of International Conference on Power Systems Transients, elected to chair technical committee of the conference in Vancouver (Canada) in 2013.
He is a technical reviewer of the journal IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery.

Mirko Žužić -  member of the Supervisory Board
He is a graduate engineer (from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture), born in 1951. Firstly, he was employed as an engineer for exploitation and a head of production in the heating plant in Elektroslavonija Osijek.
After that he was the head of production in the company Gornje in Mursko Središče, the director of development of the company GK Međimurje from Čakovec, technical director of the company Metalproizvodnja from Čakovec, the head of production and work preparation in the company Dalekovod, Zagreb, the director of Mecons Consulting Zagreb and the director of the company VIZA MG. Now he is the director of the company Oaza Dom , and the president of the Management Board of the institution Oaza Dom for elderly and infirm people.

Audit Committee


Žarko Primorac, Ph.D., president

Mirko Žužić, member

Boris Tušek, Ph.D., external member (tenured professor at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb)